Experience Beyond Reality

Making the world more fun and comfortable!

Looking ahead to the "Metaverse" together!

"Metaverse" which has been evolved from XR (VR, AR, MR) experiences in recent years will make people's lives and business worlds even more "fun", "comfortable", and "friendly."

Since 2016, our team has been focusing on XR technologies and creating various XR experiences in Thailand. Looking ahead to the "Metaverse" era, we are excited to create evolved experiences together with you!

XR Development

As a strategic XR partner, we support your projects entirely including planning, PoC, UI/UX, 3D design, development, testing, launching, and Kaizen.

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Virtual Reality

We create a simulated environment and bring players into the simulated environment which completely separate from real world. Players able to interact with 3D worlds such as seeing, hearing, touching, even smelling.

Augmented Reality

We create 3D graphics and place the object overlay on the real world. Player can still be seeing or hearing a real environment and able to interact with 3D graphics.

Mixed Reality

The concept of mixed reality is pretty similar to the augmented reality. However, instead of putting virtual objects in the real world, mixed reality strives to make them a part of your surrounding.

Enhance your business with XR


Interactive Software

Develop new stunning interactive software on multiple platforms including mobile application, desktop application, web application. Enhance your product using VR, AR, MR and 3D graphics.

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Designing, Planning, Developing

Solution Provider

We are here to closely support and lead your projects successfully from budgeting, designing, planning, developing, and maintaining.

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Business Alliance

Joint Products & Services

We are welcome to create an XR product together in your business case! Leveraging our technologies, we can possibly work together to create innovative products/services.

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Let's explore Thailand's “DX” & “Web3”!

We always love to explore new & emerging technologies!

In addition to XR and Web solutions, our Solution expert team can strongly support your next “DX” and “Web3” realization with the leverage of emerging technologies including the blockchain (NFT, DAO, Dapp), IoT, and AI.

Think of User Experience & Make it beautiful!

3D Modeling & Rendering


The design team creates beautiful 3D models for your products, architectural, medical, education, games, and entertainment.

3D Animation & Rendering

High quality & uniqueness

3D animation can also be used in business such as commercials, education, medical, and architecture, and a variety of business scenes such as presentations, company events, or training.

We also love to design 2D/3D characters to present in VR or Youtube.

User Interface & User Experience

Design for people!

Our design team creates a beautiful & effective UI and UX design always thinking of users. We strongly agree with how UI/UX is important to make end-users satisfied and comfortable to use apps!

Use cases

Real estate

New customer experiences and building/housing solutions.

- Virtual Tour / Virtual showroom

- Metaverse Development

- Virtual Training / Inspection

- BIM to VR for design/construct processes


XR car experience for design, prototype, assemble, and promotion.

- VR Prototyping / Design

- VR Driving Simulation

- VR Assemble Training

- VR/AR showroom & simulation


Project support for XR games, blockchain (crypto) games, and metaverse worlds.

- Game planning & development (Unity3D)

- 3D objects/architectures/Gimmicks on Metaverse (VRChat / Mozilla hubs…)

- Avatar/character (3D/2D/VRM)

- Blockchain/Crypto games


New learning experience for students, kids, and teachers.

- XR learning experience

- VR classroom and school

- AR interactive textbook

- XR experience for kids


XR for medical advances, treatment, and healthcare.

- VR Training for treatment/medical equipment

- Dementia measures/ Rehabilitation

- For Phamasitical companies

- MR solution (Hololends2)


To enhance "customer experience" by maximizing XR technologies.

- Virtual stores / Virtual malls / Metaverse shops

- Virtual stores / Virtual malls / Metaverse shops / Virtual showroom

- AR brochures / Catalogs / Simulators

- 3D interactive promotional tools

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About Us

Founded in 2016 in Bangkok, Techno Brave Asia Ltd. (TBA) is an up-and-coming software development company that has been vastly expanding in trending technologies such as; VR, AR, interactive 3DCG, web&mobile, IoT, and more!

Our visions are "making more people smile through our technologies" and "contributing to Thailand societies as well as global society"

Let's spread the smile of Thailand to the world!

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