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Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) are becoming increasingly critical for enterprises looking to attract and engage consumers.

VR, AR and MR technologies offer you tangible solutions to support your promotional activities.


We provide end to end software development services including planning, development, delivery, and maintenance.
Please feel free to talk to us what you would like to create with us.

Virtual Reality

We create a simulated environment and bring players into the simulated environment which completely separate from real world. Players able to interact with 3D worlds such as seeing, hearing, touching, even smelling.

Augmented Reality

We create 3D graphics and place the object overlay on the real world. Player can still be seeing or hearing a real environment and able to interact with 3D graphics.

Mixed Reality

The concept of mixed reality is pretty similar to the augmented reality. However, instead of putting virtual objects in the real world, mixed reality strives to make them a part of your surrounding.

Enhance your business with XR


Interactive Software

Develop new stunning interactive software on multiple platforms including mobile application, desktop application, web application. Enhance your product using VR, AR, MR and 3D graphics.

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Designing, Planning, Developing

Solution Provider

We are here to closely support and lead your projects successfully from budgeting, designing, planning, developing, and maintaining.

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Event Support

After the project has been launched. We continue to support technical issues in the next activity. Including bug fixing, maintenance services.

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System Integration

In addition to creating innovative XR content, our experienced Software development team develops stable back-end / server-side systems in order to make the XR into apps or products. Also, as your committed partner, we will support your company growth in a wide range of fields, including system integration, web & mobile app development, system consulting and marketing support.

Use cases

Real Estate & Construction

Create a new way to sell your property.

- Virtual Showroom

- Virtual Sale Office

- Building Inspection


Create a new way to sell your vehicle.

- VR Driving Simulation

- Assemble Training

- Virtual Car Showroom


Create awesome application for your customer.

- Projection Mapping

- Virtual Youtuber

- VR/AR Game


Create learning experience for your student.

- AR Book

- VR Learning

- Virtual Classroom


Create convenient tool to increase your performance.

- Remote Surgery Assistant

- Remote Diagnosis

- Anatomy Simulation


Feel free to talk with us to create any awesome solution.

- VR for e-Commerce

- VR Tour

- Virtual Restaurant

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About Us

Founded in 2016 in Bangkok, Techno Brave Asia Ltd. (TBA) is an up-and-coming software development company that has been vastly expanding in trending technologies such as; VR, AR, interactive 3DCG, web&mobile, IoT, and more!

Our vision is to "make more people smile more through our tech and products" and "to contribute to Thailand societies as well as global society"

We look for great partners to realize the vision together! Let's spread the smile of Thailand to the world!

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